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Courtney Marek

How to become a foster parent

I have worked locally in the field of child welfare for more than a decade. By sharing these resources, I hope to help you take your first steps to becoming a foster parent.
LeRoy King

Understanding structural discrimination

The first step to building more diverse and inclusive spaces is recognizing the systemic barriers in our society that get in the way. I’ve been helping communities and organizations see them—and learn to dismantle them—for more than 15 years.
How to get started with coding
Alex Sejdinaj

How to get started with coding

As cofounder of the South Bend Code School, I love to see the excitement that comes when those with no technical background begin to program their own websites, games and projects.
Olivia Critchlow

How to become a better leader

In my job at Leadership SBM, I help to cultivate civic leaders across the area. What I’ve learned in this role is that leadership is not about power or the size of your paycheck. It is about being authentic and taking action. Anyone can become a leader—and these resources, which I’ve used in my own life, will help to show you how.
Learn how to fix your bike—and then where to ride it
Zack Vandeman

Learn how to fix your bike—and then where to ride it

With these tips, you’ll not only be able to get your bike in gear, you’ll also discover some of the best places around South Bend to go for a spin.
Jennifer Pflugner

Discovering fun and worthwhile things to do with your family in South Bend

As both a teacher and I mom, I know there is a tendency for people to overlook many of the wonderful activities that are always taking place around South Bend. These resources will help you tap into a wealth of entertaining and enriching opportunities right here in the community.
How to market your small business
Ben Bulgrien

How to market your small business

As a customer experience specialist for J2 Marketing here in South Bend, I work with all sorts of smaller firms, helping them to build their brand and sharpen their value proposition. These learning resources are ones that I’ve come to lean on.
How to start your houseplant collection
Sarah Richards

How to start your houseplant collection

I thought my friend’s plants were wonderful, and so I started to grow my own.
Learning to have better conversations with the help of restorative justice
Derrick Perry

Learning to have better conversations with the help of restorative justice

You don’t have to be involved with the criminal justice system to gain important insights from a practice that replaces doling out punishment with repairing harm.

Live & Learn

Live & Learn

The Adult Education program at the South Bend Community School Corporation serves more than 600 people a year, offering online and in-person classes to those who want to complete their high school equivalency or gain new work or life skills—whether it’s reading or welding. Now, officials hope to raise that number, thanks to Bendable. Starting this week, seven Adult Ed courses will be accessible through the platform. “When adults find us on Bendable and participate,” said Adult Ed supervisor Amanda Russell, “they are committing to a path of lifelong learning to live successful and confident lives.”

Learning for work

Here are some learning resources to help you grow your career. You’ll find more in the “Explore” tab.

Aprende algo nuevo

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Resilience in the face of crisis

Here are some learning resources to help you navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll find more in the “Explore” tab.

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Here are some great ways to learn about this featured topic.

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